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Checkfox is a revolutionary device that is critical for any mass scale Sigfox deployment.
It combines Sigfox with advanced GPS, WiFi, logging and backend and communicates instantly both ways via 2G/3G GSM. In this way, you or the installation company can retrieve and display local Sigfox coverage within seconds. And you can easily process and evaluate all the measurements. For more details please see the device datasheet and other documentation.


Small / water resilient / water and dust proof independent box
Highly energy efficient, long-lasting Li-Pol battery, rechargeable through USB-C
Highly readable, backlit, low power display
Contains SIM card, GPS, accelerometer and others


Assembly language programmed to be robust, quick, cheap and low power
Over the air upgradable
Intuitive interface/no printed manual needed


Organisation, branch, user, test run rights management in CheckFox Dashboard
Google SSO, real cloud hosting/security/availability
Remote management of the CheckFox devices

* Connectivity not included - for Sigfox network access please contact your local Sigfox operator

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